The Home Essentials Set!


Magic Muscle Balm - 113ml (4oz)

$4.80 (-10%)
  • What comes in this Home Essentials Set?

  • What do most people use the Herbal Family Salves in the Home Essentials Set for?

  • What are the main uses for Herbal Family Salve? Customer Responses:

  • Is this the one for Eczema/ Psoriasis?

  • Is the Home Essentials Set basically a Day/Night Cream?

  • What is it that makes Herbal Family Salve work so well?

  • Is Herbal Family Salve made for all skin types?

  • What makes Herbal Family Salve so luxurious?

  • Can I use this Home Essentials Set on a daily basis?

  • Where do these Gorgeous Colorful Ceramic Jars come from?

  • From what age can I use this on my kids?

  • How long will it last?