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I do want to share something I love and has really been helping me with recovery- the Magic Muscle Balm from SalvesofJerusalem. It absolutely works wonders in relieving muscle soreness, stiffness, and leaves you with this wonderful tingly feeling. It can be used as a massage oil and the coolest part is that you get to support Israel when you use it! I rub it on my muscles every night and I totally feel the difference when I wake up in the morning. I used Arnica and other creams but this stuff is just beyond. It's now part of my nightly routine and really is magical!
-Beatie Deutsch, national Israel marathon champion
2:42 Marathon
1:18 Half 
"This product is AMAZING!!!! I use it for EVERYTHING! I have 2 big jars in my house and every bag and diaper bag has travel ones so I always have it on hand.
This is really more than just a salve. It's an ego booster as well. I suffer from hormonal cystic acne and for many years I have tried tons of medicines to help and nothing has helped to the degree that this salve has. I am now more confident in my skin and not hiding behind makeup. I feel more free and myself now!
This salve has also saved my daughter from a diaper rash from hell. She was prescribed 2 antibiotic creams that didn't help and once I used the salve, within a day she was MUCH better! We now also use it for cuts, burns, and the occasional 'booboo' that only kisses and magic salve heal ;)
It has helped soothe colds and congestion, ear piercing infections, general dry skin, eczema, foot fungus, has been a great base for massages, and it also smells heavenly!!
I cannot recommend this any higher!!"
-Matla S. from Bet Shemesh, Israel
"Yay!!!!!! The best!!!!!! I’ve been using mine religiously- my face feels so hydrated and smooth. Also did a sensational massage with it- every drop feels like it heals your body!
Good luck- so much success with these incredible salves!"
-Cassy A. from Sydney, Australia"

"I've been running for 3 years and received the magic muscle balm as a gift just before competing in the Tel Aviv marathon. I love the smell and texture, but the best part was noticing how much faster my muscles recovered than with other products that I've tried in the past.  I will be using this after I run the Jerusalem half marathon this week and highly recommend it to my fellow runners!"
-Neil G. from Jerusalem, Israel 
My husband is a chef and his hands get scarily chapped since he wears plastic gloves all day. It has really helped!"
-Ayala G. from Jerusalem, Israel 

"It's the best cream for literally everything! My 10 year old son keeps asking me to rub more in to his arms and legs where he breaks out. It feels so good and blemishes literally disappear overnight! Running my daycare, parents bring in all kinds of creams for diaper rashes. Nothing really helps quickly or lasts long term. The salve calms the babies down and we've been rash-free in the nursery since I started using it!!"
-Penina R. from Jerusalem, Israel

"This is a miraculous multi purpose cream. We use it in our house as a moisturizer, eye cream, diaper cream, and use it on cuts, scrapes and everything in between."
-Tzippy T. from Jerusalem, Israel

"We call this the Magic Cream in our house... we use it for sore muscles, congested chests, every type of rash or rough skin and I'll sometimes massage it into my temple for an instant de-stress. Pure magic."
-Tzipora L. from Jerusalem, Israel

"I use the cream on my baby. We all love the smell, and every time i look at the jar I feel more relaxed."
- Shifra Devorah W. from Jerusalem, Israel

"The most amazing salve you can get!! And lasts for ever! Here we use it for everything: cuts, mosquito bites, burns... It makes my eczema disappear in hours and here the whole house ( inc. 3 boys 12, 20 and 21) is using the salve. Actually this is THE ONLY thing my oldest is willing to put on his face after shaving and it has been like this since Debi started making this incredible salve.
Can't live without!!
Good luck❤ "
-Miriam M.S. from Kibbutz Gadot, Israel (also the creator of our ceramic jars)

"Healed my red nose right up! Love it for an Israel gift to friends in America!"
- Rishona F. from Jerusalem, Israel

"Love these salves! I use it on everything !!!! (Face, body, booboos, hair, etc!!) good luck Guys! I know this new business will be huge not only because you guys are bomb special people but because the products speak for themselves ❤️Much love"
-Jordana R. from Jerusalem, Israel

"My cousin stayed with us a few weeks ago and was covered in mosquito bites. She tried the salve and felt relief!"
-Ilana G. from Jerusalem, Israel

"The muscle balm is amazing and smells great!!
-Armando and Sheryl V. from Florida, USA
"So happy for this launch and for you guys! Amazing salve I use for everything and now don't want to use any other moisturizers or even topical medicines for cuts and other booboos. And you feel the love in every purchase because amazing Rachel is behind them!"
-Natalie Szklarz from Melbourne, Australia

"Wow! This is awesome! Love the new biz. Love the salves. Love the design. Love the founders. Good luck guys. You rock!"
-Ronen G. from Binyamina, Israel

"We love your salve!!! I use it on my one year old 's tush every day and so do his caretakers in Gan (daycare)!!!!  It's also my eye cream!"
-Keren Berezin from Jerusalem, Israel

"The salve have been very effective for some psoriasis I have on my elbow, we have used it for a small burn and I use it for night and day creme, when I remember it 😉 and especially for the lips, since the air is very dry here now - we still have winter and today even snow ☃️
So I’m very happy for my purchase, thank you!"
-Line B.A. from Amsterdam, Holland