About Us


Hi, we are Simcha and Rachel Gluck:) 
And these are our beautiful sons; Maor, Yakir, and Yosef. In 2006, we sold our house, business, and cars and moved from NY/NJ to Jerusalem, Israel, to elevate our lives. It's been an adventure!

We are business professionals and our miraculous herbal salves have been a family hobby for years. We learned from our sage friend Debi, who in turn learned and mastered the skill, while living among the Amish. We love using these salves on our bodies and really enjoyed giving them as gifts. 

Of course, the more our friends and family used the organic creams and balms, the more they raved and encouraged us to turn it into a purpose-driven side business. We listened!


And thank God we did. This past April, our lives took an unexpected turn. After not feeling well for a while, Yakir Ephraim, our middle child (pictured with the long hair) was found to have a rare but treatable liver cancer, called Hepatoblastoma, which usually affects children under the age of three.
He's our one in a million! 

We put our professional lives on hold and are now focused on doing everything for Yakir's quick and speedy recovery. We've been blessed with an amazing support system at home in Jerusalem, and are grateful to you for ordering our salves to help support us during this time. For us, it is healing to make them (Simcha is the chef), and we love getting to send them around the world for your healing too. Please keep Yakir Ephraim Ben (son of) Rachel Devorah in your hearts and prayers for a speedy recovery!  

It's now January of 2019. 
Thankfully, we are on the other side of surgery, chemotherapy, and many cutting edge natural treatments ranging from orthomolecular nutrients to ozone therapy and lots more. This has been quite a physical and metaphysical journey, and we've encountered more miracles and blessings than we could have ever imagined. 

For Yakir, we continue natural treatments and a healthy diet, and are praying and waiting to receive the "All Clear" from the latest scans. Thanks for being part of our world and healing!