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Hello there! We are Simcha and Rachel Gluck, and pictured below (April 2018) are our delicious boys Maor, Yakir, and Yosef. We are originally from New York and New Jersey, and have been living in Jerusalem, Israel since the end of 2006 when we fulfilled our dream and made Aliyah! (acquired Israeli citizenship) :-) 

We have both always been entrepreneurial spirits. After almost 10 years of our own infertility, we explored every natural option (because HaShem gave us bodies that are meant to work!), and in the end, had our three boys naturally without medical intervention. It was truly miraculous! Along our journey, and while working in many different entrepreneurial ventures, Simcha started making high-quality organic herbal salves at home for our family. He learned the recipes from our close friend Devorah Levine, who in turn learned and mastered the skill while living among the Amish for years with her own family. We love using these salves on our faces and bodies and really enjoyed giving them as gifts. As parents, it was such a relief to know that we were able to put a pure salve on our babies for all skin-related issues, without worrying about any potentially harmful ingredients. 

Rachel used the Holy Herbal Family Salve every morning and night on her growing belly with all three boys, and came out stretch-mark free! We've put the Baby Bum Butter on every diaper change and have been spared the agony of dealing with painful diaper rashes and not knowing where to turn. The Magic Muscle Balm came later, when we needed a solution for tired, achy legs at the end of our long parenting days. The list goes on and on!

We started giving these healing salves and balms to friends and family as gifts for all occasions, and the more they used them, the more they raved and encouraged us to turn it into a purpose-driven business. So we listened, and we are so happy that we did! We are having a blast working out of our home (even though the mess it creates it quite a scene!) Thanks for reading our story and joining us. Feel free to send us an email at and stay in touch! We put a lot of love and blessings into every batch that we make, we hope you can feel it too!

With Love from Jerusalem,
Rachel and Simcha Gluck
Maor, Yakir, and Yosef :-)

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