About Us


Rachel Gluck & Simcha Gluck organic skincare of Salves of Jerusalem 

Hey there! We are Rachel and Simcha Gluck and these are our 3 sweet boys, in a picture we took in the Judean Hills, last Purim. Originally, we’re from New York and New Jersey, and we’ve been living in Jerusalem, Israel since the end of 2006 when we fulfilled our dream and made Aliyah! (acquired Israeli citizenship) :-) 

We’ve always been entrepreneurial spirits and along our journey, we discovered the world of self development about 15 years ago, which quickly led us on the path of health, wellness, and vitality. That made a huge difference in our lives and allowed us to have children naturally, after more than 10 years of infertility. What a miracle!

Since then, Simcha has become “The Shaman of our Kitchen”, wheatgrass juicing, Vitamixing, Kombucha brewing, sourdough bread making, and whipping up Orthomolecular cocktails for our family. He got into making high-quality organic herbal salves, when our friend Devorah Levine shared with us some of the special recipes she learned, while spending close to a decade living amongst the Amish.

We love using these different healing salves on our faces and bodies and especially enjoyed giving them to friends and family as gifts. And of course, the more our friends and family used them, the more they raved and encouraged us to turn it into a purpose-driven business. 

So we listened, and are so happy we did:)

It’s been a blast growing this family business out of our home, with our boys helping us package and unwrap, and us getting to blend together rich Galilean wildcrafted beeswax, 
with Biblical herbs and essential oils that are absolutely delicious and aromatherapeutic, with organic olive oil grown in volcanic rocky fertile soil, and pressed on one of the five ancient olive presses found here in Israel.

Thanks so much for reading our story and becoming part of our community:)

We put a lot of love and blessings into every batch we make, and hope you can feel it too! Feel free to email us at salvesofjerusalem@gmail.com for special orders, questions, comments, and feedback. 

With Love from Jerusalem,
Rachel and Simcha Gluck
Maor, Yakir, and Yosef :-)