February 14, 2020 0 Comments

Hello Friends, Family, and Salves of Jerusalem Customers,

It's Rachel!
How are you? How’s your 2020 going?

Can you believe it’s already February?

I remember being a kid in elementary school, talking with my friends, about how we’re all going to turn 40 in 2020!

It sounded like a plot in a sci-fi movie back then, and yet here it is, in all its glory...

I’m not a famous actress, singer, or professional athlete like I thought I’d be, but I AM a Momma of three delicious boys (6,4,& 2), wife to a handsome already 40 year old, a salvepreneurette, and a Jerusalem real estate agent!

And yeh, still turning 40 this year! (If everything goes as planned, of course:-) 

So here’s to an awesome 2020, full of light, love, and blessings... 

Simcha (my hubby) and I decided to go All-In with our family business this year, because making and selling our organic herbal salves gives us a lot more energy than it takes, and is gratifying on so many levels. 

It’s our favorite bonding time together...

Our kitchen is spotless before we start (a rare commodity), we turn off phones and play peaceful tribal tunes, and put great energy into each and every ceramic jar and metal tin.

On the business side of things...Simcha has been learning all about e-commerce and working to make our shopify store user-friendly and awesome for all of you. Chanuka time, we bought more organic extra-virgin olive oil than most families buy in a decade, and our recent purchase of medicinal-grade organic essential oils can fund a small down payment on a house... 

It can be scary sometimes investing so much into something…
But we believe we’re building something, and our customers' success stories are affirmational and inspiring!

Our 2 year old’s bedroom currently doubles as our supply storage unit, giving him a healthy dose of ongoing aromatherapy, and meanwhile, we’re almost done clearing out shelf space in our laundry room to accommodate this year’s production.

Hopefully, our new main website video that we spent 2 days filming in our home, will go live in the next 60 days too. That'll be a nice upgrade!

Investing in and running a home business definitely has its set of challenges, but it’s worth it when we get those excited messages about how one of our hand-made salves changed someone’s life...

Messages that it’s given them more confidence, makes them and their skin shine bright, keeps their baby clean and delicious, soothes a cough or relieves achey muscle pains, or makes them happy; supporting something natural and Made In Israel...in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Thanks so so much for choosing Salves Of Jerusalem for your body, your family, and as a place where you go to buy gifts for your loved ones too!

You’re the reason we do what we do, and it fills us with tremendous light and healing, that we hope you can feel in all the salves and balms we make.

Happy 2020 and lots of love,
Rachel and Simcha and the boys:)

PS: We give 10-20% of all our profits to families in Jerusalem, Israel, who need it. Thank you for playing a role in the kindnesses we are able do in this Holy City!