February 14, 2020 0 Comments

1. The Scent of a Rose Improves Learning During Sleep

We love using organic essential oils in our salves because they're so medicinal, but did you know that each one also has a frequency that can be measured? Rose Oil is the highest at 320 Mhz (followed by Frankincense at 147 Mhz and Lavender at 118 Mhz) and of course, this influences functionality in the body.

2. FDA Approves First Treatment For Kids With Peanut Allergy

They've been doing this for decades in Israel, where the peanut allergy is very rare, because our kids all grow up eating Bamba. Allergists have shifted their views on handling allergies from the old-school approach of complete avoidance; which keeps the body weak, to the new-school approach of little-by-little acceptance; which helps the body build up tolerance and get stronger!

3. Forever Chemicals In Your Drinking Water Is Worse Than Previously Thought

We make our salves and balms with only the best natural and organic ingredients, because as this article explains...we need less junk going into and onto our bodies and not more of it! It seems like if you don't have a water filter in your house, then essentially, you ARE the water filter in your house...and there are more chemicals, synthetics, and toxins in there then ever before:(

4. One Dose of Magic Mushrooms Reduces Anxiety And Depression In Cancer Patients

Mental health is more prevalent than ever before and rightfully so. Taboos and stigmas are being replaced with love and acceptance and more and more psychiatric drugs are being replaced with psylocybin from magic mushrooms and/or MDMA therapy. Almost no side effects and real long term results - amazing!

5. To Keep Your Brain Young, Go Hiking!

This might seem intuitive, but sometimes we like seeing the evidence and science that backs it up as well. Being outside, hiking, getting sun, discovering new areas, breathing natural air, and "forest bathing"...can really give our physiology the boost it needs. So when you finish reading this newsletter - take a hike and soak it up!!

6. Lab-Grown Heart Cells Implanted Into Human Patient For The First Time

We've almost gotten used to articles about 3-D printed organs made with stem cells and other biology. And now here we are using lab-grown heart cells to allow humans to develop healthy heart systems with hopefully less risks and side-effects. The future is literally here!

7. Fighting Cancer With Microbes

This has certainly been the year of staggering research around the micro-biome, the power of probiotics, and their collective power on the overall health and wellness of our body. What if malignant diseases really could evaporate, by balancing out the inner-biome and recalibrating the body with the right strains of bacteria?

8. New Study Finds Algae Can Improve Leaky Gut Syndrome 

When I make smoothies in the morning for my family, it always includes magical green powders like chlorella and spirulina. These type of algae from the seaweed family are alkaline and rich in phytonutrients. And in this new study, it was discovered how certain other algae can help improve leaky gut syndrome. 

9. The Workplace of The Future According To A Gen Z CEO Worth Millions

Generation Z has an entirely different mindset and skillset regarding business and the culture surrounding it. This article looks at one CEO who is implementing mental health days, bring your pet to work opportunities, and all sorts of other interesting goodies to help boost her team and create an environment that fosters creativity, support, and stability... a fresh perspective on the new business world.

10. 7 Practical Books On Diet, Lifestyle, and Aging Well

Great recommendations for books that can help you and your family boost health, wellness, and optimized living. Especially at a time when more and more people are choosing plant-based diets, eco-friendly spending, and family-fitness!