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 Our Favorite 7 Mental Health Tips for Corona Survival:


    1. Circadian Rythym - We're not great at this....but: Aim to go to bed and wake up around the same time daily. A good night of sleep, at around the same daily intervals, leads to better mental and physical health, and personally, it helps us have more of an even mood throughout the day. It's important to stop screens and technology about an hour before bed and to use FLUX on laptops in order to reduce the "blueness." Ideally, bedtime should be somewhere between 10pm-12 midnight to take advantage of the Circadian Rythym. This is the reason why sleeping from 1am-10am (9 hours) never feels as good as sleeping from 11pm - 7am (8 hours.)

    2. Morning House Work - Get most of the housework done, first thing in the morning, with your initial energy and vigor. Dishes, laundry, etc... can take hours each day, especially now that we’re all home. What we like to do after our kids have at least 90 minutes of "Morning Free-Play Time" is, we incentivize them to play their roles in sweeping, organizing, and cleaning. After morning is over, we ignore all additional household chores - except for basic games/books cleanup -  until the next morning! It may stare hard at us all day long and beckon to continue cleaning, but we don’t get lost in the housework trap. It’s a losing game in a house of kids and Outdoors Time is sooooo important!

    3. Outdoors Time - Make a time that everyone heads outdoors! This may seem obvious, but sun, vitamin D, and fresh air are vital for our health, mood, and general well-being. By noon at the latest, we are out the door. We go for walks around the block, the kids ride bikes, and we head outback to the beautiful valley behind our home for "Exploration Time." This includes looking for beetles and butterflies, discovering awesome rocks, and lifting heavy stones to see what wild bugs are waiting for us below. One time, we found a little black scorpion - crazy!!

    4. Leftovers Are Cool - Making three meals a day is overwhelming and impossible for us. We try and keep things simple, using recipe cards as reminders, and when we make a tray of cauliflower or chicken over rice, or potatoes or broccoli and cashews....we do it in large batches so it serves us throughout the week. We also keep large amounts of homemade almond milk on hand for making fun smoothies and healthy milkshakes...which everyone loves! 

    5. Gamify Your Activities - Gamifying is when we take aspects of life and use "game mechanics and dynamics" to make things fun, rewarding, and motivating. Instead of doing chores, our boys have 5 missions throughout the day; cleaning, listening, good brother moves, learning, and games. When they do them, they get to unlock a fun bonus like their favorite 2 music videos before bed or getting to choose parts of tomorrow's activities or making a special food. They also get special bonus points for working together to encourage collaboration. Man, this idea is a game-changer and it'll work miracles for you too!

    6. Earthing Time - Take off your socks and shoes and connect outside with Mother Nature. From all of our bio-chemical processes, our bodies wind up being overly positive in its ionic charge. On the flipside, Earth is the largest negative ionic source, and when we sync up with it, we balance and recalibrate. Electricians know and science confirms, that when we connect with the ground with our bare feet, we are essentially grounding ourselves (this is similar to the grounding rod or third prong of your electric chords when you plug them into the wall.) You can earth on dirt, grass, earthing mats and earthing bedsheets, rocks, natural water, and stones but not on plastic or wood or any other type of insulator. Go earth, and let Mother Nature give you the restoration you need!

    7. Decompress -Decompress before bed with a good book or podcast, some Wim Hoff deep breathing, or an easy to watch show. We love good laughter medicine, so we'll watch Who's Line Is it Anyways, Key & Peele, SNL and MAD Tv highlights, etc, and we definitely avoid the news before bed!


  • Nobody wins every single day.
  • Social media can be very overwhelming and most people/families have ups and downs throughout the day and throughout the week, even if they’re posting only the good pictures.
  • Ride the ups and remember, that the downs are normal, breakdowns are fine, and there will be days that are better than others.
  • When kids are fighting, the house is upside down, and you’re on little sleep, just remember that tomorrow is another day, and whatever happens today does not dictate how tomorrow will go. 
  • Be thankful and grateful and choose health!

Sending you blessings and love,
Rachel and Simcha